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บทอ่าน my pet

My Pet

I have many pets on my grandparent’s farm. I have a cow, or he is a boy so he would be a bull; named John. He is a very large bull but gentle. He will let you pet him when you go to feed. I have two cats; Sandy and Tom. They are very nice and are the only two that will let me pet them. I have a pig named Wilbert, he was a real little guy when he was born and his brothers and sisters would not let him drink, so I adopted him and feed him from a bottle. You cannot tell he was little now though!

I love them all, but I love my dog that lives at my house the most. Her name is Sheila. Her mommy was a Pitt-Bull and her daddy was a Boxer. Shailea is white and weighs 65 pounds and has the most beautiful shades of brown in spots on her white coat. She is very smart and thinks she is really a human that has four legs. She goes everywhere she is allowed to with me and sleeps beside me every night.

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