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การอ่านแบบ Flood Reading ระดับมัธยมศึกษา

การอ่านแบบ Flood Reading ก็คือการอ่านอย่างรวดเร็วโดยใช้เวลาเป็นตัวกำหนด โดยประมาณคือ 10 นาที

Flood Reading

Name of activity: Flood Reading
Objectives: Trainees will be able to

  • 1) read as much and as quickly as they can in the provided time
  • 2) create relevant activities to use with their students

Activity: Individual
Skill focused: Reading
Time: 3o minutes for experiencing the activity and another 30 minutes for the trainees’ creativity

  • 1) On the number of the reading pieces read
  • 2) On qualities and practicality of the created activities

Materials: 100 reading cards

  • 1. First read as much and as quickly as the trainees can in the provided time. The degree of understanding is not the concern in this session. Getting them to feel at ease, to read, to read more and to read more quickly is the general purpose of flood reading exercise in this case.
  • 2. There are 10 reading passages all together. Please make a hundred copies for this activity.

– Explain the rational and the purposes of this session to the trainees.
– Put the pile of the 100 reading passages in the middle of the class.
– Trainees sit relaxingly at their chairs with no pens, no notebooks, no books.
– Pass out the reading passages so that each trainee gets one.
– Say “Start!” and the trainees start reading as quickly as they can. When they finish the
first one, put it back to the pile and get a new one to read.
– After 10 minutes say “Stop!” and every trainee returns the passage to the pile.
– Ask the trainees to write down, in their note paper, the vocabulary words.

  • Write down, in their note paper, the vocabulary words they remember, but they don’t know the meanings.
  • Look the words up in their dictionary for homework.
  • Note the numbers of the reading passages and numbers of words. They have read.
  • Take notes as instructed in the worksheet.

– Set the time about 10 minutes a day for trainees to do “Flood Reading”

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